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 You’re getting married? Congratulations!!! 


Thank your for interest in Jaclynn Kate Hair & Makeup Artistry, the #1 award-winning on-site bridal hair & makeup team of Rhode Island. If you want to look your very best on your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place! 


This could be the beginning of another incredible professional relationship! 


Interested in working with us? Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Inquire for our PDF services and fees. Ensure it is within your budget.

(All pricing can also be found at

2.     Contact Jaclynn Kate Hair & Makeup Artistry to make sure we have your wedding date available (which you've done).

3.   Give us the time your ceremony begins.

4.   If you have a first look, what time will that start?

5.  How many people in total need hair & makeup services. Please know that this number, once confirmed, you will be locked into. This will help us calculate our start time and how many artists you need the morning of your wedding.

6. Where will you be getting ready for the ceremony? i.e Location of makeup services.

7. Who is your photographer?

8.     Secure your wedding date before it’s taken and your artist by signing a contract and providing a deposit. (All deposits go towards your wedding date total)

9. If you would like a trial first, please let me know the soonest date(s) and time(s) that are available for you to come in for your hair & makeup trial.

10. Do you have someone who was a previous Bride of ours in your wedding or attending? Inform them they can receive complimentary makeup with us for the referral !!!

11. Do you want Jaclynn as your stylist or is having her Senior Artist for yourself an option?


YOU have the choice of coming into our salon OR we come to YOU on your wedding day!

Our salon is located on a main busy Main Rd, in East Greenwich RI , not far from many venues. However it is becoming more & more popular to have your hair & makeup artist travel on site the morning of your wedding. Get dolled up in the comfort of your own home, hotel, B&B etc. Traveling rates will apply, styling rates stay the same. 


I am a STICKLER for time & so is my team!

We are far from new when styling weddings, and our #1 goal is to get you down the isle on time. I personally will review all of your wedding details with you, and give you a timeline of services, which has been my formula to years of success. 

The next step would be to either secure your date or set up a trial. We do not hold wedding dates with out a signed contract and deposit. We are strictly on a first come first served basis. In the event you schedule a trial before booking your date, we do give you a week grace period leading up to your trial.

No Stress!!
With all the wedding planning you are doing we do not want this process to stress you out!! Please fill out as much information as you can provide. We understand you might not have all of the answers right away & providing them at a later time is absolutely okay with us!


We want to thank you again for choosing Jaclynn Kate Hair & Makeup Artistry for your wedding day hair and makeup services!


Looking forward to working with you soon!!

Jaclynn Kate  


Rhode Islands #1 Traveling Bridal Hair & Makeup Team

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